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n_NylonThe botanical name of the daffodil is Narcissus.

The daffodil is one of the most popular bulbs because of its persistence in flowering each year, with little or no care. It tolerates a wide range of soils, and can be planted in semi-shade to full sun.

It is a large genus with varieties from tiny miniatures to forms with flowers 10cm (4”) across on tall stems and a range of colours in pink, white, orange, green and all shades of yellow.

They are native to Asia , China , England , Europe , Northern Africa , Portugal and Spain .

Daffodils are divided into the following category divisions:

  1. Trumpet Daffodils (eg: King Alfred & Mount Hood )
  2. Large cupped (eg: Fortune & Rouge)
  3. Small cupped (eg: Chungking )
  4. Double (eg: Manly & Tahiti)
  5. Triandrus species & cultivars (eg: Silver Chimes & Thalia)
  6. Cyclamineus species & cultivars (eg: February Gold & Tete a Tete)
  7. Jonquilla species & cultivars (eg: Cherie)
  8. Tazetta species & cultivars (eg: Cragford & Paperwhite)
  9. Poeticus species & cultivars (eg: Poeticus & Princess Irene)
  10. Narcissus species not previously mentioned (eg: Bulbocodium & Viridiflorus)
n. ViridiflorusGrowing tips
   All soil types are suitable; however for best results dig in some humus and plant in a well drained position, as they dislike ‘wet feet’.

Most positions in the garden are suitable, as they tolerate semi-shade to full sun. I recommend full sun for the Bulbocodium sp (hoop petticoat daffodils)

The majority of daffodils survive on natural rainfall and don't need summer watering, although several of the species from summer rainfall regions (eg. Viridiflorus) require some watering.

My Collection of Daffodils


Accent Accent Agnes Webster Agnes Webster Andalusia Andalusia Angels whisper Angels whisper
Arctic Arctic assoanus assoanus


Bambi Bambi Beryl Beryl Bezza Babe Bezza Babe Burma Burma

Bulbocodium cultivars and species:

bulbocodium Atlas form Atlas form bulbocodium cantabricus cantabricus bulbocodium Fyno Fyno bulbocodium mesalanticus mesalanticus
bulbocodium Nylon Nylon bulbocodium serotinus serotinus bulbocodium Smarple Smarple bulbocodium Tarlatan Tarlatan


campenelle plenus campenelle plenus campenelle campenelle canaliculatus canaliculatus Cassata Cassata
Cazz Cazz Centannees Centannees Charity May Charity May Cherie Cherie
Cordabersis Cordabersis Crescendo Crescendo cuatrecasii cuatrecasii Curl Curl
Cyclatraz Cyclatraz


Deli Ray Deli Ray Dickcissel Dickcissel Dolly Mollinger Dolly Mollinger Double Trumpet Double Trumpet


Easter Dawn Easter Dawn Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth Jane


February Gold February Gold February Silver February Silver Firstfrost Firstfrost Flower Drift Flower Drift
Fortissimo Fortissimo Foible Foible


Gay Glorious Gay Glorious Geranium Geranium Gipsy Queen Gipsy Queen Glenfarclas Glenfarclas
Glowing Red Glowing Red Golden Goblet Golden Goblet Goldie Goldie Gold Sprite Gold Sprite
gracillis gracillis Grand Hostess Grand Hostess


Hawera Hawera Home Fires Home Fires


Ice King Ice King Icewings Icewings


Jack Snipe Jack Snipe Jetfire Jetfire Johan Strauss Johan Strauss Juanita Juanita

jonquilla cultivars and species:

jonquilla Baby Star Baby Star jonquilla Erlicheer Erlicheer jonquilla Grand Monarch Grand Monarch jonquilla spp jonquilla spp
jonquilla spp. double and tazetta italicus spp.double&tazetta jonquilla tazetta italicus tazetta italicus jonqulla Soiel D'or jonqulla Soiel D'or



Lark Lark Lemon Beauty Lemon Beauty Liberty Bells Liberty Bells Little Gem Little Gem


Mabel Taylor Mabel Taylor Manly Manly Melva's Melva's Minnow Minnow
Moneymaker Moneymaker Moon Fairies Moon Fairies Mount Hood Mount Hood My Word My Word


Noelle Noelle



pachybulbous pachybulbous Paperwhite Paperwhite Peeping Tom Peeping Tom Pencrebar Pencrebar

poeticus cultivars and species:

poeticus spp poeticus spp poeticus Precision Precision poeticus Princess Irene Princess Irene poeticus recurvus recurvus


Quail Quail


Ra Ra Replete Replete requienii requienii Rhapsody Rhapsody
Rip van Winkle Rip van Winkle Roger Roger Rosetta Rosetta Rouge Rouge

romieuxii cultivars and species:

romieuxii spp. romieuxii spp. romieuxii albidus albidus romieuxii Julia Jane Julia Jane romieuxii Treble Chance Treble Chance


Scallywag Scallywag Serola Serola Shirley Anne Shirley Anne Silver Chimes Silver Chimes
Slip Slip Snowball Snowball Snowski Snowski Soestdijk Soestdijk
Spellbinder Spellbinder Spida Spida Sundial Sundial


Tahiti Tahiti Tete a Tete Tete a Tete Thalia Thalia The Little Gentleman The Little Gentleman
Titania x cyclatraz Titania x cyclatraz triandrus April Tears triandrus April Tears triandrus Petrel triandrus Petrel triandrus Tresamble triandrus Tresamble
Tuesdays Child Tuesdays Child



viridiflorus viridiflorus


Waynes mini double Waynes mini double Wee Bee Wee Bee White Lion White Lion White Marvel White Marvel




Xertes Xertes Xit Xit


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